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May 25, 2023 0 Comments

We get some questions about our newly renovated kitchen every week. Personally, I always find it very enlightening to hear what people think about their newly renovated rooms when the dust has settled and they actually live there, so we’re doing this here!

Let’s dive into the eight questions that are most often asked to me about our kitchen. If you would like to learn more, you can also view our insightful articles on kitchen remodeling (part one and part two) at any time.

1. Why didn’t you paint the woodwork?

I’ve had so many people ask this question! They say the painted paneling would give the room design a more English country feel (which is definitely an aesthetic I tend to), and they’re not wrong! The wood would look well painted, but it also looks good in its natural state.

I was hemming and wondering if I should paint the wood for a while. In the end, after deliberately weighing the pros and cons, we decided to keep the original wood color. The paneling is not necessarily meant to match the rest of the room, and I think that’s part of what makes the design really interesting. The panels are also made of very high-quality wood, which is still in very good condition, and the idea of having to remove, sand, paint and reattach each panel did not seem to be worth the effort (and the cost) in the end.

2. The Dishwasher is so far away from your storage cabinets! Why did you make this layout choice?

I wanted the U-shaped area of the room to be reserved only for cooking and preparatory work; it was important to have a quick and easy way to put the resulting dirty dishes in the dishwasher. We decided that easy access to the dishwasher during cooking was more important for us than immediate access to storage space when storing clean dishes. There was also a lot of space in the dining area of the kitchen to include cabinets for dishes, so it made sense in terms of layout. We’ve gotten used to making the short trips from the dishwasher to the cupboards, and we don’t mind.

3. Tell us more about the paint colors of the cabinet! Are you still satisfied with your selection?

We still love the colors we have chosen, namely Farrow & Balls Bouder Room Pink in the cooking area and Farrow & Balls Hague sapphire in the dining room. Given the natural light in the kitchen, the appearance of each color changes throughout the day; in the morning, the colors tend to show a shade of gray, which then appears warmer during the day.

4. Do you worry about scratches and stains when cooking on marble countertops?

It seems like a very American notion to think that things should never look changed over time. We chose these countertops because the style had such a beautifully dramatic effect that worked so well with the color of the wood and gave the room an incredible visual interest. Because there are so many veins and textures, the small scratches or spots that appear are not really very noticeable.

That being said, although we are not sensitive with countertops, we are aware of their tendency to scratch, so we put down a dishcloth before doing anything that could potentially scratch them, like opening a bottle of plonk or putting down a dish with a rough texture on the floor.

5. In most kitchens they do not have overhead cabinets. Why did you make this decision?

I wanted the U-shaped room to be bigger and more airy than before, and I wanted to keep our view of the backyard intact. Since there was room for additional cabinets in the dining room, it made sense to add overhead cabinets and omit them from the U-shaped cooking area.This choice also allowed us to remove the stove from its previous position next to the window, which I’m glad I did.

6. Where did you find this pendant and why did you choose it? I love it!

I am asked about this light all the time (and for the record I understand why)! This is The menu dancing pendant from 2modern.

When I decided which light to add to the dining room, I wanted to find something modern and very large to frame the room. I really like the way it looks, although now sometimes I wish it was a little more rustic.

7. Is there anything you would do differently now that you have lived with your kitchen for several months?

There are no essential elements of our kitchen that I would change! However, this follows the approach of minimal structural changes; if we had performed a “gut” remodeling, the decisions we would have made would have been different. For this reason, this type of project was very different from our first kitchen renovation in our previous house.
These are some of the little things that I will probably update in the future:

  • We have no lighting installed under our upper cabinets in the dining room and it bothers me endlessly.
  • I wish I was a little more traditional with the design of some lights. I could potentially move the existing lights to other parts of the house, but I still love them.
  • We will probably add different stools to the dining room that have a more traditional or rustic character.
  • I don’t think I “correctly” understood the size of carpets in terms of the room scale, so we can also update it after.

8. Which part of the kitchen do you like the most and why?

I love flow above all. Everything has its own place; it is really functional (Special mention to our closet organizers!) and works very well with the lifestyle of our family. I can see everything I have in my pantry, my cooking process is seamless and the welcome here is just a joy.

In terms of certain elements, countertops make me happy every day. I also like the assortment. It heats up very quickly, it is so easy to control the temperature and simmer continuously, and it is also very easy to clean.

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