Honest Review of Samsung Frame TV

May 30, 2023 0 Comments

We are conducting a series of product reviews here on Wit & Delight, in which I offer more detailed information about proven products that I have been using for months (or years) and that have changed my daily routine for the better. These reviews are intended to provide detailed information about products that may be of interest to you, so if you are in the market for such an item, you will have all the information you need to decide whether to make a purchase or not.

Next on the list? The Samsung Frame TV, which we have owned since 2017. Let’s dive into the review and let me know in the comments if you have any other questions!

What is the Samsung Frame TV and how many do we own?

The Samsung Frame TV is a flat screen TV that fits perfectly into your decor. When the TV is not in use, by setting the art mode, you can choose which image to display on the screen and control the warmth and brightness of the screen. The TV hangs flush on the wall and has a variety of customizable frame options.

When and why we had this kind of television for the first time

We received our first frame TV as part of a content partnership in 2017 and have since purchased two more for different areas of our house.

With young children and a busy lifestyle, we often relax watching family movies (Winnie the Poop and Charlie Brown are celebrities in this house) and I’m not sure that Joe and I would have survived the early years of two children under two emotionally without zoning them to our favorite episodes from the office. Given the number of shows and movies we like to watch, finding great TV was important for Joe and me. And as a designer, I think it’s great that this TV also has an aesthetic that helps it blend in with the rest of the decor of any room.

What makes this TV different from the others?

Of all the items in our house, this TV is most often commented and questioned. It’s the most subtle show there is, and people are interested in it for a good reason!

First and foremost, in our experience, the functionality of this TV is exceptional. In the four years we’ve owned it, we’ve only come across one very small problem with the TV (more on that below). But what really sets this TV apart from the rest is the design.

The fact that the TV itself hangs flush on the wall really makes it look like a work of art.and apart from the huge number of ways you can design the TV yourself as part of your existing decor, I really like how easy it is to display personal photos or choose a work of art from museums around the world. When the needs of our family change and the design of the different rooms in our house changes with them, it is really nice to be able to integrate a TV into a specific room without having to design the entire space around it.

How have our TVs held up over time?

The TV we picked up in 2017 is as new as it was when we first owned it. We had a problem with the fact that the universal cable twisted and became unusable after moving to the new house. However, it seems that Samsung has fixed this problem, since the cable that came with the new model we bought this fall is thicker and more protected.

Should you buy the Frame TV?

I’ll tell you what I tell my friends: if it’s in your budget, DO it. I will note that the customizable bezel is a bit expensive for an accessory and looks like a regular TV without it (albeit with less space between the TV and the wall).

Having lived with it for four years, I can say that this TV is a quality investment that should last you for years. If a TV is important to you that can be easily integrated into the rest of your decor, the frame TV is the way to go.

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