Loungewear You Want to Wear Outside the House

July 10, 2023 0 Comments

It’s been a year since I started working from home and using my home office as a desk instead of collecting paper and storing unused yoga mats.

Like many of you, I am cautiously optimistic about the future and a return to normalcy. I am looking forward to a future in which I will visit friends and family, hug my mother, and get rid of the fear that I have been holding on to for the last twelve months a little. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is putting on the pants that I haven’t worn since the beginning of this recent times.

While I’m still getting dressed for work and often sharing the most sophisticated version of myself on Instagram, I want to assure you that I live sweaty off-camera. Not just any sweat, but sweats that I impulsively bought by buying a wheelbarrow in a hardware store. Still, they’re not what you’d call “camera ready” (or “people outside my family ready” with the coffee, the dog, and the paint stains on them in equal measure), and if I want to leave the house and feel like a normal person, I need to change. And this change will not consist in giving up my soft pants for “hard pants”—a term I heard from a friend regarding jeans vs. sweatpants. (“I don’t understand how people can wear their hard pants (jeans) after 20: 00 when they hang out at home!”)

Anyway, a small advantage of these recent times is that it is socially appropriate to wear soft pants all day. Isn’t that why loungewear was invented to get dressed without having to “get dressed”?

When I got a few key pieces from Summersalt to improve my loungewear, I took the opportunity to change things up (and maybe take off the FF maybe sweats).

Yes, Summersalt, the ubiquitous brand that we all know for its “miracle swimsuit”, the one with a silhouette that flatters everybody. I have not tried on the swimsuit yet, but from my own experience, I can firmly say that Summersalt knows a thing or two about what flatters a woman’s body.

What I noticed for the first time when trying out the Summersalt pieces is that the cut suits me (instead of trying to fit into the cut). The trousers, especially the softest ribbed wide-leg lounge trousers, were not only comfortable but, dare I say, flattering. Although I don’t want to admit it, I’m not in my twenties anymore. The cut of some garments simply no longer corresponds to what it once was, whether due to age, children, or the results of this recent times lifestyle. Instead of having to pull up a whole waist, these pants just had a little more space at the hips to ensure comfort while maintaining a flattering silhouette.

Pants have generally been a problem since I have children. Two cesarean sections in sixteen months caused a significant amount of scar tissue (which I do not call a “dog”) and added at least one centimeter to one area of the body, which is not often taken into account when cutting out patterns. This made it difficult to find pants (both the “soft” and the “hard” variant) that were comfortable to wear. I am 5’6″ tall and I usually wear size 6 or 8 pants (sometimes a 4 depending on the fit) and the average Summersalt pants fit me perfectly. They are not too bloated and I don’t have to stuff myself in pants that are supposed to be comfortable.

I must say, it was such a welcome surprise and I realized how often I wipe on clothes so that I feel that it is not made for me. This does not happen often and is worth mentioning to anyone who has experienced something similar.

I recently spent the last weekend alone (don’t get too excited I spent the whole weekend catching up on work) and tried out these new parts. During the day, I ran to the grocery store to get coffee, and halfway down an aisle I froze and realized that I had not changed my sweat. I looked down and noticed that I had dispensed with the worn out Fleet Farm variety and looked pretty well put together. What a great feeling not to have to dress twice.

These items are worth the price, especially if you take into account the time you invest in them. They are perfect for anyone who wants to invest in high-quality pieces to integrate them into their wardrobe.

I would recommend them if you are looking for clothes to work with, but be careful, these are not pieces that I would recommend when painting or doing messy activities. I consider them to be my “professional” sweat , when I still need to look presentable, but I don’t want to feel tense.

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