Love to Change the Design of Blue Room

May 20, 2023 0 Comments

Welcome to our sapphire room! Over time, this space has had so many uses. It was a living room, a music room, a library, Joe’s office, and now my office. In this room, the first thing I do during the week is to sit down in the morning and have my coffee. Here I write, I work and I have meetings all day long. There, Joe and I read the newspaper on Sundays.

One thing I learned when designing our house is that your house will surprise you over time. Spending more time in a room will tell you which elements are best for your preferences and lifestyle (and which are not). Following these instincts will make your home even more livable and pleasant.

In today’s post, I will explain how the design of this space has changed over time and what we could update in the future.

Why we updated this space shortly after moving in

This was the second bedroom we updated in our house, after the guest bedroom. We designed this space so soon after we moved in because it felt self-sufficient. I knew I could do updates here without creating the domino effect of having to do updates for the rest of the house.

Considering its somewhat small size (compared to other rooms nearby), it also seemed like a good place to test my new style while playing with a few selected design elements. Due to the size, it was easier to wrap my head around updates and take design risks.

Updates we have made in the Sapphire room


This room was pink in color when we moved in. I wanted to change the color to something that was still bold but different. Still, I was a little shy about how to bring my own touch to the room. The sapphire we went with has a nice amount of Pigment that doesn’t seem too dark, which was exactly what I wanted!


I bought thirty wallpaper patterns for this room. It was exaggerated, but I thought I would use everything that didn’t work in this room for other areas of the house… what I did! In this little experiment, I chose the wallpaper for our children’s room and the master bedroom.

The variety of styles among the thirty motifs was so great that the final selection came down to how I wanted to feel in this space. I wanted to feel like I was walking in a completely different place when I put my foot in it. I wanted to feel wrapped up in texture and pattern, and the size and scale of our chosen print offered just that.


When I moved my office to this room, I realized that I needed brighter ceiling lighting than before in this room. As much as I like low light for dining rooms, I needed something that looked more like a work lamp. I found the solution in this red suspension.


I tried many different layouts in the sapphire space. Some were more formal than others. What worked best was to leave the space relatively open, with a chair for reading, a chair for someone else to join me, a table for drawing and a space for the children to play. The current layout is not my favorite, but at the moment it works better than all the others we have tried.


I wanted to organize the library better so that we could actually use it as a reference point. I decided that I will never be the person who can sort our collection In alphabetical order, so I decided to Sort it by topic. Since then, I have been referring to books for work more often and I quickly searched for an image, a recipe or a chapter!


I love the desk I have at the moment, but it is a little awkward for drawing because it is wrapped in a wide rattan weave. I would like to find one that is practical for drawing and writing, with room in the drawer for all my little things. The Plan will be to keep this desk as a side table in the children’s Room or in our guest room.


The sun can be very bright for most of the day, especially in winter, so it is very important to add blinds. I always want diffused light to pass in the summer, when the trees are thick with leaves and only dim light passes in the afternoon.


I would like to find the best way to use the layout of the room. I really want to keep the bay window as a place to sit and write. I would also like to have a small table where I can hold meetings and where August and Birdie can sit while I work.


As the design of the house evolves, we could update the wallpaper to better harmonize with the rest of the design of our house. Since the existing wallpaper style is a bit retro, I might want to replace it with something more traditional. At the moment, this is at the bottom of my priority list, because I like the way the current wallpaper is applied and the feeling it creates in this space.

My favorite part of the sapphire room

My favorite part of the room is that it even exists in the house. It is essentially a space dedicated to reading, writing and silence, which is such a wonderful place in our house.

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