Proper Planning for Our Line of Planners, Journals, and Organizers

June 10, 2023 0 Comments

All right. Who is ready for the new year?

Maybe it’s the school years I attended as a kid, or maybe it’s the ubiquitous back-to-school performances I saw last month, but this time of year always feels like a new beginning.

If you want to get organized and immerse yourself in the new year (whether you’re going back to school or not), I’m sharing some of our organization products that are now available at Target stores and at

Note on Self-journaling

The flat binding makes these magazines the perfect accessory for storing lists or writing down your thoughts just about anywhere, and they look great on your bedside table or desk. (PS these are the journaling prompts that I swear by to get it all out of my head!)

That’s where it all started. Our original sketchbook is large enough to accommodate all your ideas, sketches, lists, and daydreams.

Stay on track notepad
I swear by this notepad-it’s my weekly planning tool. Only in this way was I able to keep track of everything that has been happening in my life recently. This planner has enough space for all the individual items on my to-do list, an overview of my weekly schedule, and a place to write thoughts and notes.

Here’s how I use my notepad to stay on track:

Stay tuned for our 2022 planner coming soon to a destination near you (and available online at of course).

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