Redecorate Living Space Before Is So Important

May 15, 2023 0 Comments

We moved to our new home in the middle of winter—a winter in Minnesota. House projects quickly appeared to settle down in the snow and occupy us with the adventure of buying new items to fill our new space.

While some of my favorite rooms from past lives and rooms quickly found new homes, I found a lot of empty places—walls waiting for new works of art, guest rooms waiting to become a dreamy oasis for guests, shades of green on the lower level that should have never been there from the very beginning. I quickly felt overwhelmed and told myself that there was so much to do, as now, but with what budget?

After asking myself the same questions for a couple of weeks, I decided to take a break and find a more practical and pleasant way to redecorate our new room.
Below I share some of my lessons with you in humility, so that you can also enjoy a more peaceful journey to your new spaces.

Sometimes it’s worth waiting for the painting.

One of our first house guests said the week we moved in: “You know, painting is different in every lighting and every season.”Although it was difficult to look at this light green below during these long winter months, it became clear to me in the spring that a) the light green was not as bad as I thought, and b) the warmer months and brighter lighting gave me a wider view of our lower level, and not just a new shade as a temporary solution.

From paneling to carpet to flooring and artwork, I have enjoyed the process of visualizing a brand-new space through many online and Pinterest inspirations. Now, a year after, we have a clear idea of what we both want for the space and a better approach to our budget to slowly develop a bigger plan that we know will bring more lasting satisfaction.

Live in a room for a while to find out what you really expect from him.

“Oh, it will be the perfect piece for a home office.”Well, the ‘Home Office ‘ is now our beloved training room, which we use every day. Why? Because the proximity is perfect- right next to our bedroom and bathroom, it fits into our everyday life and serves as an “unapologetic” room to quickly break a sweat. This funny twist happened with a few rooms in our house. And in retrospect, it’s pretty silly to want to impose certain ideas in certain rooms without living in them first.

We all agree that the arrangement of a suitable living, sleeping and dining area (kitchen) is very convenient and necessary, regardless of the room or size. These other rooms and spaces can often be a great opportunity to see how your natural daily living habits lend themselves to places that really fit in with your daily life. For example, if you like to read and play games, you should consider an ideal place for these activities with your partner or for accommodating guests. It could even be a small area in a larger room.

This filter gave me the patience to persevere before decorating certain rooms in our house, knowing that the time to fill them would be appropriate and sustainable for our lifestyle.

At the end of the day, this filter gave me the patience to hold out well before decorating certain rooms in our house, because I knew that the time to fill them would be appropriate and sustainable for our lifestyle.

Do not say goodbye too quickly for the pleasure of ” new.”

Old things can feel new in a new room. We brought some really beautiful traditional artworks to our new home and I immediately put them in a back closet because I thought I would sell them all and come up with something shiny and new. After collecting dust for a few months, I went to the closet one autumn day and had an “aha” moment when I realized that the pieces were perfect for our entrance. I hadn’t made the connection when we first moved in because they were photos that had been in a living/dining room before.

Just because something you took with you had a place in an old room doesn’t mean it can’t feel new in a new place. Better yet, I found that what I really loved was a mixed approach to weaving new finds to complement my old favorites.

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