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May 1, 2023 0 Comments

I was busy in March, not so much doing THINGS, but changing the way I approach maintaining my mental health. There are a number of approaches below, from a regular dose of CBD, to a book that made me question much of what I knew about my anxiety disorder, to an app that teaches you to meditate in a way that strengthens your mind like a muscle. All of this is included in today’s roundup of the things I loved in March, plus a little frivolity and beauty, because I never neglect how much these things can also do for our minds.

The Anatomy of Anxiety by Ellen Vora, MD

My ears perked up at Dr. Vora’s explanation of his term “false anxiety.”This is a polarizing way of defining the body and environmental factors that contribute to an anxiety resemblance, rather than a pure chemical imbalance. It’s not an easy line to follow and I read his book with some hesitation.

In the end, what I liked about this book was the way she was able to hold several truths about an anxiety experience at the same time, while questioning the way we have treated mental illness in Western medicine. It reflects her unique experience and training, both as a licensed psychiatrist and an expert in functional medicine. As I learn to listen to my body more carefully, I find that I clearly understand how my lifestyle contributes to mood swings, irritability and body symptoms. I am grateful for his work.

Equilibria Daily erasers (gifted)

I have been regularly taking these sweets every day for about a month and I really like them so far. In the past, when I tried CBD, I only used it when I was feeling particularly anxious. I found that the celebration of taking them every day helped me even more.

Material The reBoard cutting boards (offered)

I have been using hardware products for a few years now. I have just donated my old cutting boards to make room for a range of brightly coloured cutting boards, made from recycled materials. They are thin enough to be stored in a shallow drawer and the color assortment makes it easy to color code for different tasks-cutting aromatics, leafy greens and meat-so that the food stays fresh and free of persistent odors.

Lumify Eye Drops

My children like to tell me that my eyeballs are cracking. Lumify gets rid of this nice bit of feedback!! These eye drops are a game changer for us tired people. And if you look a little tired, even if you are lucky enough to be one of the few to be caught up in sleep, these drops sap the tired redness of your eyes in just one minute.

Fante Garlic Slicer Grater

Have you ever had a recipe telling you to thinly slice the garlic and you think, BUT HOW?? That’s how. I found this little mandoline garlic slicer at a local hardware store and it works like a charm.

Lulu & Georgia Checkerboard Carpet x Sarah Sherman Samuel (gifted)

Not only is the quality and design of this rug top notch, but the entire collection is also stunning. We added it to our peach room and I love how the checkerboard pattern in a beautiful ocher color ties the space together. WELL DONE, SARAH!!!!!!

The FitMind app

This recommendation might not seem like a natural fit of Wit & Delight, not because it has to do with mental health and well-being, but because it’s a bit of a niche! I found him through an Instagram advertisement and made the purchase after reading reviews from neuroscientists and psychologists who praised his scientifically proven methods for practicing mindfulness, meditation and mindfulness. If you are interested in simplistic applications, please Calm Down or Headspace and you need more advice and learning, FitMind is the application for you. I have completed the 30-day meditation training program and I can confidently say that I have an entirely different understanding of how to use these techniques in my daily life.

My biggest conclusion is that bringing the mind back to consciousness IS meditation. And this means that you can practice anytime, anywhere, not just in a quiet moment when the conditions are “perfect” for meditation.

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