Wit & Delight Season of Change

July 5, 2023 0 Comments

When I started Wit & Delight at twenty-four, the world as we know it today was completely different. For a little context, the iPhone had just come out, the economy was in free fall, Obama had just been elected president, and I was broke, insecure and scared. Despite the difficulty of that time, I was incredibly optimistic about the future and excited to share what I had inside with the world.

Wit & Delight was the place where I grew up. I wrote articles about what scared, excited, inspired me and made me feel at home. This website supported me when I was breaking down, getting married, blowing up my life, sending me to therapy, struggling with mental health issues, giving birth to babies, creating product lines and working with the best brands and people to hope for.

A season of change

It’s hard to imagine finishing something that was ultimately about creating things for a community of people who share a common thread: the beauty and pleasure of being alive. You are my people, and I have loved this time with you.

I felt the subtle call to remove myself from the publication for a while. It scares me when I’m sincere. I’m not sure what I’m going to do next. I realize that it’s okay not to understand everything. So I make a similar jump as with my first blog post and plunge optimistically into the not-known.

While I will continue to appear on social media and share essays and project updates during my home visits, I know that I will have to move away from Wit & Delight all day long.

In short, you will still see me-just a little less often.

The Team that built Wit & Delight

Since I decided to move away from full-time content publishing, it means that the team that creates all the awesome content for Wit & Delight will also continue. I am devastated to lose the people who have devoted so much time, creativity and passion to making this space what it is today.

Simply put, Wit & Delight would not be the same without the team that built it. Without this team, I couldn’t have continued to produce the amount of content we have to the quality we have committed to. Period. My gratitude and appreciation for those who believed in the brand, in me and the value of what we do cannot be fully expressed. Although I will stop running this brand full-time, my team is ready to move on to big things.

If you are looking for rockstar people who are well versed in editorial strategy, content creation or project management, I would like you to get in touch with my team members. You know this business better than anyone. I can’t wait to see them move on to much bigger and better things soon.


Bridgette has been with me as a brand director for eight years. She does everything and makes it look easy (spoiler, it wasn’t). There is no project or problem that she has not been able to solve, and I am happy that I have been able to work with her. I wouldn’t be writing this article here without his brilliant mind and ability to take clear, achievable paths out of my creative chaos and my often half-hearted ideas. She is well versed in influencer marketing.


Jackie has been with me as an editorial director for four years. I am grateful for his UNWAVERING advice, intuition and detail-oriented approach to editing. His editorial strategy and storytelling gift are embedded in everything we publish on Wit & Delight. I am a better writer and storyteller by working with him. Find out more about Jackie’s expertise and background on her website.


Greta has been managing our social media accounts for three years. She is on the pulse of changes in real time on social media. She was our Swiss Army knife to balance the art of creativity and strategy around all our social content. Not only has it been a sounding board for navigating a changing landscape, but it’s as reliable as they come. Greta hopes to find another position in the social media field by working as a social media manager or social media strategist. She can work remotely in the US and Canada or work in person in Toronto, Ontario.


Nancy has been my assistant in the management for three years. She was the glue that held me together, and an awesome coach. She has the intuitive sense of knowing what needs to be done before the rest of us realize it. It’s often the things we don’t see that have the biggest impact, and I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to learn valuable lessons from working with her. While Nancy is moving away from her role at W&D, her goal is to expand her life coaching business with other individual clients as well as team and small business coaching. She has already done interior design consulting and styling and hopes to continue working as an entrepreneur as a personal assistant.


Carolyn has been our designer for three years. While also working for other brands and clients, she took care of Wit & Delight’s graphic design requirements and added her own touch and creativity to our brand content, thematic graphics and social appearance. I can always rely on Carolyn to add value to our creative ideas. She is a quick learner and has adapted to the design challenges we have faced.

What’s next and where can you follow me further

We will regularly publish content on Wit & Delight until the end of June. I will rummage through the archives and highlight some of the articles that have been the most important to me—and to you, the Wit & Delight community—over the past fourteen years.

We will be posting some sponsored posts that I am looking forward to, both in June and throughout the summer. I will also sporadically share the design updates that we bring to our home. The website will remain live this summer and beyond. I may show up from time to time to share additional updates.

I will continue to publish my newsletter, Home Visit, regularly. Please follow here for tests and updates of the design project. I will continue to appear on Instagram if I like the mood.

Wit & Delight’s product lines will continue to be sold at our current resellers. We will continue to share updates, new product offers and collaborations on Wit & Delight and our social networks.

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